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  buried in the Familiengruft in the St.Isidor, till 1840,  reburial in the mausoleum        
  Franz Ulrich 1726-1792   Kinsky  
  Hermann 1803-1806   Kinsky  
  Maria Antonia 1832-1834   Kinsky  
  Rudolf 1802-1836   Kinsky  
  and about 6 more persons        
  since 1840 burials in the mausoleum behind the Isidor        
  Charlotte 1782-1841   Kerpen, spouse of Ferdinand (1781-1812) Kinsky  
  Rudolph 1829-1848   Kinsky  
  Maria Caroline 1830-1861   Kinsky  
  Josef 1806-1862   Kinsky  
  Wilhelmine 1804-1871   Colloredo Mannsfeld, spouse of Rudolf  
  Marie 1806-1872   Czernin zu Chudenitz, spouse of Josef  
  Alphons 1865-1878   Kinsky  
  Josef 1878-1880   Kinsky  
  Wolfgang 1836-1885   Kinsky  
  Elisabeth 1889-1892   Kinsky  
  Franz 1841-1895   Kinsky  
  Friedrich Karl 1834-1899   Kinsky  
  Helene 1836-1901   Thurn und Taxis, spouse of Wolfgang  
  Ferdinand 1834-1904   Kinsky  
  Marie 1835-1905   Liechtenstein, spouse of Ferdinand  
  Sophie 1845-1909   Mensdorff-Pouilly, spouse of Friedrich Karl  
  Elisabeth 1874-1909   Wolff-Metternich zur Gracht, spouse of Karl  
  Ferdinand 1866-1916   Kinsky  
  Aglae 1868-1919   Auersperg, spouse of Ferdinand  
  Karl 1858-1919   Kinsky  
  Rudolf 1859-1930   Kinsky  
  Ulrich Ferdinand 1893-1938 since ... Kinsky  
  Josef 1913-2001   Kinsky  
  Antonius 1955-2012   Kinsky  
  Bernadette 1922-2016   Merveldt, spouse of Josef  
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